San Diego's Palm City Neighborhood

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Homes for Rent in Palm City

PriceDescriptionHome Report
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$1,305Spacious 2X2 Large Kitche,washer & dryer included,private patio!View Home Report
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Neighborhood Basics

Palm City is considered a poor area on average. The poverty rate is high for the San Diego area. Because Palm City is very spread out, you won't find it very walkable. Plan on having a car to get around. Limited public transit is available in Palm City, but it does not serve all areas of the neighborhood. If public transit is a requirement for you, it will be important to live near a stop to avoid very long walks. You will need to drive a reasonable distance to reach the nearest beach.

Cost of Living

Palm City has homes priced well under average for the county. Compared to other areas, it is quite affordable.

Average home prices in Palm City


The largest age group in Palm City are kids. With a high child population, the area will provide plenty of opportunities for children to make friends. Teens will find it easy to make friends as there are a lot of other teens in the neighborhood.

Palm City isn't a bad place for those in their twenties, but they may enjoy other areas more that have more people of a similar age. Those in their thirties will find a decent mix of people their age range in the area.

Age Breakdown in Palm City


The five closest public schools are listed below. Click on a school for a full performance report from the State of California.

SchoolState Rank (1-10)
Sunnyslope Elementary2 - Very bad
Teofilo Mendoza6 - Above Average
Emory Elementary6 - Above Average
Montgomery Senior High2 - Very bad
Nestor Elementary2 - Very bad

The number of people with college degrees in Palm City is very low compared to the rest of San Diego. Only 8 percent of people in the area have college degrees.


The three closest hospitals are listed below. Click on the name for more information about the hospital and its services.


The five nearest parks are listed below. You can also browse them on the map at the top of the page to see where they are located.
  • Sunnyslope Park
  • Montgmry / Waller Park And Recreation Center
  • Nestor Park
  • Egger / South Bay Park And Recreation Center
  • Berry Park


Crime is fairly rare in Palm City. The overall crime rate is low - below average for the city. The vast majority of the crime is property crime (such as theft). Only 16 percent of crime is violent crime.

Crime Rates in Palm City
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Wildfire risk

According to county records, Palm City has never suffered a wildfire. However, all of southern California is at some risk for wildfires.

Disaster Risks

Areas downstream from a man-made dam carry a risk of flooding if the dam were ever to fail. While this is very unlikely, some areas in Palm City are in the potential flood zones of 2 separate dams. Consider investigating the flooding risk before purchasing a home in this area.

All of San Diego (and southern California in general) is at risk of damage from earthquakes. However, the worst damage during in earthquake is often due to soil liquefaction where the soil becomes water-like during shaking. For example, this can cause buildings to settle rapidly at odd angles and buried pipes to rise to the surface and burst. Palm City has areas that are at very high risk of liquefaction. Be sure to check with the county to assess any risks when moving to a new home. The risk of liquefaction may also affect building codes and your ability to add on to an existing house.